• Dr Sumit Garg, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, presented his research work as Poster on “Effect Of Emotional Intelligence On Ambulatory Blood Pressure In Normotensive Young Adult Males"  in 13th Asian-Pacific Congress of Hypertension from 6 to 8 October 2017 in Singapore. He was also invited to attend and present his work in Young Investigator Forum of International Society of Hypertension.
  • The research work of Dr JL Agarwal, Dean/Principal, Professor, Physiology, on “Association Of Average 24 Hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure And Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index With Dipper State In Normotensive Young Adult Males” was also accepted for presentation in 13th Asian-Pacific Congress of Hypertensionfrom 6 to 8 October 2017 in Singapore. It was presented by Dr Sumit Garg in his absentia.
  • Dr Shahnaz Haque, who has completed MD in Pharmacology from SIMS has joined as Assistant Professor in Saudi Arabia through campus selection with a package of Rs 30 Lakhs with free accommodation.
  • Dr.Anand Kumar Shukla, Professor & head, Department of Pharmacology,received National Pharmaco vigilance Excellence Awards 2016 on 18-09-2016 at India International Centre, New Delhi by Social Justice &Empowerment Minister, Mr Ramdas Athawale.

  • Dr. J.L.Agarwal, Ex-Principal & HoD – Physiology was awarded Fellowship of Indian Society of Hypertension (FISH) in 2015.

  • Dr.Sumit Garg, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology has guidedMr Shitij Arora, student of MBBS III, for Short term Studentship under ICMR STS programme in 2015 for the project entitled “Influence of BMI on Cardiac Output and Peripheral Blood Flow in young adult males.”

  • Dr.Aparna Khandelwal, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology,won 3rdprize in oral paper presentation in international CMEin pathology histopathology & cytology, 2014 Goa.

  • Dr.Krati R Varshney, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology was a warded for Best Poster in Serology for “Evaluation of Enzyme Linked Immunoassay Technique for diagnosis of Giardia intestinalis in fecal samples” in UP MICROCON - 2013 held at Subharti Medical College, Meerut on 9th Feb 2013.

  • Dr.Krati R Varshney, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology was awarded3rd best Oral presentation for “Spectrum of bacterial pulmonary infections in patients with HIV” in National Conference on Pulmonary and Skin Pathology held at ELMC&H, Lucknow on 15 and 16 October 2013.