Gender Harassment Committee

Gender Harassment Committee

A Gender Sensitization Committee, consisting of the following members is hereby re-constituted in Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences with immediate effect and the following are the members:


Dr. Ranjana Singh
(Professor & HOD, Community, medicine)
(Tel: +919654873085 ,8076527664)


Following are the members Name Designation Member Secretary
1 Dr. Renu Mishra                   Professor & HOD, Anatomy Member Secretary
2 Dr. Praksh Chandra             Professor & HOD, Psychiatry       Member
3 Dr. Saurabh Goel Professor & HOD, Surgery Member
4 Dr. Barkha Gupta                 Professo, Forensic, Medicine                            Member
5 Dr. Neha Agarwal Assistant Professor, Community Medicine Member
6 Mrs. Manohari Sivakumar Principal of Nursing College Member
7 Dr. Karamchand PG Student Member
8 Ms. Jasmeet Kaur UG Student Member
9 Ms. Nitishree     UG Student Member
10 Mrs. Sharda Class IV Representative                Member


The Committee will examine the complaints by any of the woman staff members or girl students of the Sarswathi Institute of Medical Sciences on account of sexual harassment by any staff members or students in the College and would make necessary recommendations for follow up action by the Institute. The Committee shall meet at least twice in a year, the gap between two meetings not exceeding six months. The quorum of the meetings shall not be less than one third of the total number of members. mbers.