CLINICAL - Ophthalmology Department

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities


An eye opener department of our esteemed medical college is the department of Ophthalmology. This department is equipped well with latest instruments issued in the world ophthalmology and is regularly upgraded to face any challenge in the eye problems. Highly educated well sophisticated, intellectually supremised teaching faculty available to carve the rock in to diamonds out of students.


Regular theory lecture in lecture hall by eminent teachers. Regular clinics in department with case discussions. Demonstrations of surgical techniques in well equipped operation theater by expert surgeons. Regular ward work with bed side clinical teachings.


1. Comparative study of topical cyclosporine versus olopatadine for treatment of vernal keratoconjuctivitis is under process.

2. Awareness among medical students of SIMS about correct method of using topical medicines.

3. Prevalence of common ocular ailments in general population of local public of Hapur district.


Well equipped department with following facilities for patients and students:

  • Complete eye checkup by slit lamp
  • Indirect ophthalmoscope for fundus examination
  • Cataract evaluation and surgical treatment by Phacoemulsification
  • Glaucoma evaluation and surgical treatment
  • Squint evaluation and surgical treatment
  • Eye lid surgeries for ptosis Entropion, ectropion