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The department of Ear, Nose, and Throat is headed by Prof. V.P. Venkatachalam, who is of National and International eminence with more than 32 years of Undergraduate and 23 years of Postgraduate Teaching Experience from Delhi. 

The Audiology section includes Puretone Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry and BERA. Patients suffering from various ENT diseases and Head Neck Cancer attend the out patient department. 

On an average, 4-5 Major and 10-12 minor surgerical procedures are carried out daily. Apart from routine ENT operations, Rehabilitative and Reconstructive surgery for Hearing Impaired patients, and Rehabilitative surgery for voice disorder and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Sinonasal disorders are carried out. Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea will be started shortly.The Department regularly conducts ENT camps covering the nearby village to treat as well as screen Patents having ENT diseases.. The department is planning to start special clinics, Rhinology and Sinusology and Otology clinic shortly.

A well equipped temporal lab is functional to train the Residents in Otology Surgery


  • 100 students attending lectures and clinical classes
  • Research work of faculty is being carried out since the college started
  • Regular seminar classes are taken by the students and the faculty


  • Separate dedicated 30 beds for ENT at present
  • Wards are fully equipped to deal with any emergency
  • Casualty and ICU cases attended immediately
  • Tracheostomies are done as regular procedure in ICU


  • Audiology & speech therapy center
  • Fully equipped minor OT dedicated to ENT Department
  • Temporal bone lab and special clinics for PG students
  • Fully equipped major OT. All type of surgery being done for Ear, Nose and throat
  • Separate Endoscopic room for OPD patients in day care
  • Zeiss Microscope for micro ear surgery







Prof& HOD



Dr. Sushil KumarJaiswal




Dr.Anuj Kumar Goel




Dr.Mohit Srivastava