Rules Regarding Covid-19 For UG / PG - 2020


The following rules to be followed by the students during pandemic of covid-19.

  1. It is mandatory to wear mask.
  2. Students are advised not to use personal items of others.
  3. Every student is to have his/her own sanitizer and use it frequently.
  4. All students are advised not to go in the mess in the group. They should maintain social distancing during meals. No meal will be permissible in rooms.
  5. Outing is not permitted in any condition.
  6. Laundry facilities will be provided in the hostel only. All are advised to use this facility. Outside laundry provision is prohibited.
  7. All are advised not to assemble in the veranda.
  8. Food delivery from outside is prohibited.
  9. All are advised not to use the other’s mobile.
  10. Sports activities are prohibited.
  11. Using of Gym is not allowed.
  12. All are advised to follow campus rules & regulations.
  13. Roaming in the campus is restricted.
  14. At anytime if any student comes in contact with Covid-19 patient becomes suspect he/ she may be quarantined and subjected to medical tests.
  15. Students should bring recent Covid19 negative report at the time of reporting to college.
  16. If no report is available they will be quarantine till their report is negative.