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Department of Community Medicine

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Department of ENT

Dr. Mohit Srivastava
Associate Professor

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Dr. Abhay Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor 

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Dr. Harsimrat Singh
PG IIIrd Year


  1. Live surgical workshop on head and neck cancer,sims
  2. International symposium of biomedical sciences,sims poster presentation (biofilms in csom)
  3. Isocon mysore 2018 poster presentation (persistent diplopia in gradenigo’s syndrome)
  4. Delhi aoi 2019 thesis paper presentation (a study of role of nasal endoscopy as first hand primary examniation in early diagnosis of sinonasal diseases)

Dr. Himani Singh
PG Ist Year

  1. Delhi AOI 2019 paper presentation (conchal cartilage tympanoplasty with or without mastoidectomy in adults) Poster presentation (facial paralysis in asom).