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PRE CLINICAL - Biochemistry

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities


Biochemistry can be defined as the science of the chemical basis of life (Gk bios “life”). The cell is the structural unit of living systems. Thus, biochemistry can also be described as the study of the chemical constituents of living cells and of the reactions and processes they undergo. By this definition, biochemistry encompasses large areas of cell biology, molecular biology, and molecular genetics.

Professors rely on advanced teaching methodologies and learning aids to ensure students learn the subject in an interesting way. The faculty's experience widens the scope for both clinical biochemistry and research. They constantly stay updated with the latest developments in the field by involving themselves in conferences and symposia. The department also has a well-knit team of health sciences and technical staff who can take credit for the smooth functioning of the laboratories.


M.B.B.S. students are initially instructed in the basics, giving them an understanding of the clinical processes involved in biochemistry. Case discussions are used to instruct students in a challenging way. Students are constantly assessed and given additional guidance, as they require it.

Facilities of Department

  • Undergraduate Theory & Practical classes.
  • Interaction with students in seminars & Demo class.
    Audio visual aids:
  • Over head projector & Power point presentation.
  • Departmental library with 90 books & adequate sitting arrangement.
  • Demonstration classes for students.
  • Student Practical Laboratory.
  • Central Research Laboratory.
  • Central Laboratory for Routine Biochemical Investigation.

Central Lab Work:

Clinical biochemistry, which is mainly concerned with the use of biochemical test to assist in the diagnosis of disease and also in the overall management of patients with various disorders.


The research laboratory is a boon as it has the resources to allow students to perform clinical research. The department has several projects on the anvil:

Assessment Biochemical parameter in Children suffering from Malnutrition, Malaria, Study of Antoxidant profile in Acute Ischemic Stroke, Chronic Renal Failure and Hypothyroidism, Study of Lipid Lowering Effect of the Guggul Preparation in Hyperlipidemia, Study of Female Genital Tuberculosis in Sub-urban Population of Hapur, Pilot project to develop in vivo detection of ricin through fluorescence sandwich ELISA

Special achievements of Department / Faculty

  • Routine Biochemical investigation along with Hormone assay.
  • Attended National Conference (ACIBICON 2013) & State Conference
  • Attended CME in SIMS organized by Dept. of Pathology, PSM, Pediatrics Ortho & Skin